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You Are the Association


With the principle of unity at its foundation, our area churches become an association by acting in cooperation with each other.  Within our churches are individuals with unique gifts and resources which God bestowed to fulfill the Great Commission.  The gathering together of these resources creates greater potential for more effective ministry. People expressing their oneness in Christ by sharing their talents and gifts, is how the church should be defined and the association is the channel to assist that. 

As you pray for your church, pray that the spirit of cooperation and unity will sweep through the Association to advance the Kingdom as never before.

Mission Priorities


Strengthen Churches:

     Assist churches so they can be more effective in their ministry.

Promote Missions:

     Create awareness to mission opportunities & facilitate starting new churches.

Develop Leadership:

     Train church leaders in administration/supervision skills, pastoral ministry, deacon ministry, crisis ministry, conflict resolution,

      and planning skills.

Nurture Fellowship:

     Engaging church leaders and members to develop personal relation.

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